Match Results

  Team Results Score W/L
  vs. Central 7-2 W
  @ Derryfield School 5-4 W
  @ Timberlane 9-0 W
  vs. Merrimack 9-0 W
  @ Salem 9-0 W
  vs. Bishop Guertin 5-4 W
  vs. Alvirne 9-0 W
  @ Memorial 5-0 W
  vs. Keene 9-0 W
  @ Winnacunnet 9-0 W
  vs. South 8-1 W
  @ Londonderry 8-1 L
  vs. Spaulding 9-0 W
  @ Pinkerton 9-0 W
Quarters vs. #7 Alvirne 6-1 W
Semis vs. #6 Central 7-2 W
Finals vs. #5 Bishop Guertin 7-2 L
    118-29 15-2


Match #1

Exeter vs. Central         April 11th, 2011

Final Score:      Exeter 7 (1-0)              Central 2 (0-1)


#1 Jared Sandler (C)                defeats             Jack Tisdall (E)                       8-3

#2 Steve Shannon (C)              defeats             Andrew Bridges (E)                  8-1

#3 Corey Guen (E)                   defeats             Colin Goudas (C)                     8-1

#4 Ryan McGovern (E)            defeats             Pat Tobin (C)                           8-4

#5 Chris Lietz (E)                     defeats             Aric Collins (C)                        8-3

#6 Nathan Berner-Tobin (E)     defeats             Kyle Dugan                              8-6      


#1 Tisdall &Bridges (E)            defeats             Sandler &Shannon                    8-5

#2 Guen &Berner-Tobin (E)     defeats             Goudas &Tobin                        8-2

#3 McGovern & Ty Cloyd (E)    defeats              Collins &Dugan                        8-4



Nathan Bernier-Tobin won the key match at #6 singles.  Down 3-6, playing against a steady opponent, Nate was able to come back and win the last five games 8-6.  The win was critical in putting Exeter up 4-2, heading into singles.  Multiple games went into deuce, as Nate was able to win the big points.  Nate then teamed with Corey Guen at #2 doubles and won 8-2, clinching the match.  Corey also dominated in his #3 singles match winning 8-1.  Chris Lietz won his first varsity match, 8-3, at #5 singles.  Ryan McGovern also came back from 1-2 down, to win 8-4 against a steady player.  Ty Cloyd teamed with Ryan McGovern to win at #3 doubles, 8-4.  Finally, Jack Tisdall and Andrew Bridges won 8-5 at #1 doubles, which was impressive since both lost their singles matches to the same players.


Match #2

Exeter at Timberlane       April 18th, 2011

Final Score:      Exeter 9 (2-0)              Timberlane 0 (0-3)


#1 Jack Tisdall (E)                    defeats             M. Maloney (T)                        8-1

#2 Andrew Bridges (E)             defeats             A. Frey (T)                               8-2

#3 Corey Guen (E)                   defeats             A. Withee (T)                         8-0

#4 Ryan McGovern (E)            defeats             B. Paley (T)                              8-0

#5 Brodt Taylor (E)                  defeats             K. Brown (T)                           8-0

#6 Chris Lietz (E)                     defeats             A. Lafoley (T)                          8-0      


#1 Tisdall &Guen (E)                defeats             Maloney&Frey (T)                   8-1

#2 Bridges&Taylor(E)               defeats             Withee&Paley (T)                    8-4

#3 Nathan Berner-Tobin & Ty Cloyd (E) defeats          Brown&Lafoley (T)          8-0




In Exeter’s only second match of the year, Exeter traveled to Timberlane and performed well in all matches.  Jack Tisdall and Andrew Bridges each won their first singles match of the year, both winning by easy margins.  Jack was able to hit deep balls with depth and spin keeping his opponent on the defensive end for the entire match.  Brodt Taylor also recorded his first singles win of the year, winning with a strong serve 1st and 2nd serve.  Corey Guen continued his success at #3 singles, winning 8-0.  Corey has yet to double fault in singles play.  #2 Doubles team, Bridges and Taylor played the closest match of the day, with a score of 4-4 at one point.  But they were able to regain focus and their intensity level to win the last four games.  Exeter will host Merrimack on Wednesday, and then travel to Salem on Friday.


Match #3

Merrimack at Exeter       April 21st, 2011

Final Score:      Exeter 9 (3-0)              Merrimack 0 (0-4)


#1 Ty Cloyd (E)                       defeats             Nick Plante (M)                       8-1

#2 Ben MacDonald (E)            defeats             Nick Deraney (M)                    8-2

#3 Will Mooney (E)                  defeats             Kurt Plante (M)                        8-0

#4 Forfeit

#5 Forfeit

#6 Forfeit        


#1 Will Mooney& Lino Cantarella(E)    defeats             Maloney&Frey (T)                   8-1

#2 Forfeit

#3 Forfeit


Exeter improved to 3-0 on the season with a win against Merrimack.  Due to Wednesday’s cancellation, Merrimack was only able to bring three players to the match, hence forfeiting 5 spots at the start of the match.  Ty Cloyd, Ben MacDonald, and Will Mooney all won their first varsity singles matches of their career.  Lino Cantarella and Will Mooney teamed up to win at #1 doubles.  Exeter will travel to Salem on Friday.


Match #4

Exeter at Salem              April 22nd, 2011

Final Score:      Exeter 9 (4-0)              Salem 0


#1 Jack Tisdall (E)                    defeats             C. Bacho                                  8-4

#2 Andrew Bridges (E)            defeats             Ryan Greenleaf                           8-2

#3 Corey Guen (E)                   defeats             Ryan Hatfield                            8-4

#4 Brodt Taylor (E)                  defeats             J. Sahasakmantri                       8-0

#5 Chris Lietz (E)                     defeats             Connor Morisseau                    8-3

#6 Nathan Berner-Tobin (E)     defeats             Blaise Dolan                             8-1      



#1 Tisdall &Guen (E)                defeats             Bacho&Greenleaf                     8-4

#2 Bridges&Taylor(E)                defeats             Hatfield&Morisseau                  8-0

#3 Nathan Berner-Tobin & Ty Cloyd (E) defeats Sahasakmantri&Breton          8-1


Exeter boys’ tennis improved to 4-0, with a 9-0 win against Salem.  Jack Tisdall won the toughest match of the day at #1 singles, 8-4.  After trailing 3-4, Jack was finally able to break serve and then hold to take a 5-4 lead.  He then separated from his opponent winning two more games to lead 7-4.  At #2 singles, Andrew Bridges, had his best match of the year, winning 8-2.  Andrew dominated the match from the start, getting off to a 5-0 lead. At #3 singles, Corey Guen faced a tough opponent but was able to come out victorious 8-4. At #4 singles, Brodt Taylor, continued to impress with his dominant serve, winning easily 8-0.  All three doubles team won handily.  Exeter will now face fellow undefeated and preseason favorite Bishop Guertin on Monday.


Match 5

Bishop Guertin @ Exeter            April 26th, 2011

Final Score:      Exeter 5 (5-0)              Bishop G. 4


#1 F. Delpizzo                          defeats             Jack Tisdall (E)                 8-3

#2 A. Xiao                               defeats             Andrew Bridges (E)                  8-3

#3 Corey Guen (E)                   defeats             A. Delpizzo                              9-8 (7-0)

#4 A. Wang                             defeats             Brodt Taylor (E)                       8-6

#5 Chris Lietz (E)                     defeats             C. Dicesare                              8-6

#6 Nathan Berner-Tobin (E)     defeats             K. Johack                                8-6      


#1 Tisdall &Guen (E)                defeats             Delpizzo&Wang                       8-4

#2 Xiao&Delpizzo                    defeats             Bridges&Taylor (E)                  8-6

#3 Nathan Berner-Tobin & Ty Cloyd (E) defeats Dicesare&Johack                  8-6


Exeter improved to 5-0, defeating a very talented Bishop Guertin team 5-4.  In singles, Corey Guen won the key match by fighting back to win 9-8 (7-0).  It was a match he never led until the tiebreaker.  Corey’s passing shots were especially strong.  Corey’s win knotted the score at 3-3, heading into doubles.  At #1 doubles, Jack and Corey won 8-4 in a tight match with many games going to deuce.  At #3 doubles, Ty and Nate trailed 6-4, with the game at deuce.  Ty and Nate came up big and were able to win the last four games, to win 8-6, thus clinching the match for Exeter 5-4.  The match was a great progress check for Exeter.  There is still much work to be done in the last month of season.  Exeter must continually improve if they want to continue to be a top team in Division 1.


Match #6

Alvirne at Exeter             May 2nd, 2011

Final Score:      Exeter 9 (6-0)              Alvirne 0


#1 Jack Tisdall (E)                    defeats             W. Livingston                           8-0

#2 Andrew Bridges (E)              defeats             S. O’Brien                                8-3

#3 Corey Guen (E)                   defeats             M. O’Brien                              8-2

#4 Brodt Taylor (E)                  defeats             PJ Martineau                            8-4

#5 Chris Lietz (E)                     defeats             T. Terrio                                   8-1

#6 Ty Cloyd (E)                       defeats             K. Venathumpoli                      8-2      


#1 Tisdall &Guen (E)                defeats             Livingston& M. O’Brien           8-3

#2 Bridges&Taylor (E)             defeats             S. O’Brien & CJ Destrays        8-4

#3 Chris Lietz &Ty Cloyd (E)     defeats             PJ Martineau & T. Terro          8-5


Exeter boys’ tennis improved to 6-0, defeating Alvirne 9-0.  Alvirne came into the match with 5 victories.  Jack Tisdall had the most impressive match of the day, dominating his opponent in a quick match.  Jack, also teamed with Corey Guen, to win at #1 doubles, 8-3.  Fellow senior, Andrew Bridges, played well at net to win 8-3.  Brodt Taylor won 8-4 at #4 singles in the closest match of the day.  Freshmen Chris Lietz and Ty Cloyd won at #3 doubles 8-5.  Getting off to a strong 7-1 start was helpful in pulling out the victory.  Exeter will play at Manchester Memorial on Wednesday.  


Match #7

Keene at Exeter              May 6th, 2011

Final Score:      Exeter 9 (7-0)              Keene 0 (6-4)


#1 Jack Tisdall (E)                    defeats             M. Ludlow                               8-2

#2 Andrew Bridges (E)              defeats             L. LaScala                                8-4

#3 Corey Guen (E)                   defeats             R. Hay                                     8-4

#4 Ryan McGovern (E)            defeats             D. Ideallcope                            8-5

#5 Brodt Taylor (E)                  defeats             S. Anderson                             8-4

#6 Chris Lietz                           defeats             J. Seot                                      8-2      


#1 Tisdall &Guen (E)                defeats             Ludlow&LaScala                     8-4

#2 Bridges&Taylor (E)             defeats             Hay & Ideallcope                     8-3

#3 Nate Berner-Tobin &Ty Cloyd (E) defeats  Anderson & Seot                      8-4


Exeter improved to 7-0 on the season with a 9-0 victory against a likely playoff team, in Keene.  Keene was solid from top to bottom and will pose a substantial threat in the playoffs.  At #2 singles, Andrew Bridges trailed early on, but won the last five games to win 8-4.  It was Andrew’s best win of the season.  At #3 singles, Corey won 8-4 against a very steady and good opponent.  Returning from vacation, Ryan McGovern picked up where he left off winning 8-5, using some nice lobs to frustrate his opponent.  At #1 doubles, Corey and Jack remained undefeated winning 8-4.  At #2 doubles, Andrew and Brodt were able to dominate from start to finish winning 8-3.  Exeter will play 4 matches next week, with three scheduled on the road.


Match #8

Exeter at Winnacunnet    May 9th, 2011

Final Score:      Exeter 9 (8-0)              Winnacunnet 0


#1 Jack Tisdall (E)                    defeats             P. Kenney                                8-1

#2 Andrew Bridges (E)              defeats             P. Kamieneski                          8-2

#3 Corey Guen (E)                   defeats             A. Howard                               8-0

#4 Ryan McGovern (E)            defeats             T. Collins                                  8-0

#5 Brodt Taylor (E)                  defeats             C. Dunn                                   8-4

#6 Chris Lietz                           defeats             G. Bingon                                 8-4      


#1 Tisdall &Guen (E)                defeats             Kenney&Kamieneski                8-2

#2 Bridges&Taylor (E)             defeats             Howard&Dunn                         8-2

#3 Nate Berner-Tobin &Ty Cloyd (E) defeats     Collins&Bingon                          8-4


Exeter improved to 8-0 on the season with its third consecutive 9-0 win against Winnacunnet.  Corey Guen played extremely well in singles, winning 8-0.  Corey teamed with Jack, at #1 doubles to win 8-2, improving their #1 doubles record to an undefeated 6-0.  They are quickly becoming a very good doubles team.  Andrew Bridges is playing well lately, as he defeated his opponent 8-2, and then teamed with Brodt Taylor to win 8-2, at #2 doubles.  Exeter will travel to Manchester Memorial on Tuesday.


Match #9

Exeter at Manchester Memorial              May 10th, 2011

Final Score:      Exeter 5 (9-0)              Manchester Memorial 0


#1 Jack Tisdall (E)                    defeats             B. Bascone                               8-4

#2 Andrew Bridges (E)             defeats             J. Bascone                                8-3

#3 Corey Guen (E)                   defeats             A. Johnson                               8-4

#4 Ryan McGovern (E)                                      D. Tran                                    DNF

#5 Brodt Taylor (E)                  defeats             S. Ali                                        8-0

#6 Chris Lietz                           defeats             C. Gerton                                 8-0


Exeter improved to 9-0 with a 5-0 win against Manchester Memorial in a rain shortened match.  Brodt Taylor and Chris Lietz were both impressive in their 8-0 wins at #5 and #6 singles.  Brodt had his best match at net, attacking his opponent and finishing him off with an impressive net game.  Chris was solid as always, as the team is getting use to Chris’s consistent performances.  Andrew Bridges won at #2 singles 8-3.  Andrew is peaking at the right time, as he is playing his best tennis in the past week.  Exeter will play face Nashua South on Wednesday.      


Match #10

Exeter at Londonderry

Final Score:      Exeter 1 (9-1)              Londonderry 8 (11-0)


#1 A. Burbine               defeats             Jack Tisdall (E)                                  8-0

#2 H. Max                   defeats             Andrew Bridges (E)                              8-1

#3 R. Broderick           defeats             Corey Guen (E)                                    8-6      

#4 T. Court                  defeats             B. Taylor (E)                                        8-6                              

#5 M. Rubin                 defeats             R. McGovern (E)                                 8-3                  

#6 M. McKinney          defeats             Chris Lietz (E)                                      8-1


#1 Burbine & Max       defeats             Tisdall & Guen                               8-5

#2 Bridges & Taylor     defeats             Court & Rubin                               8-3

#3 Broderick & McKinney defeats       Ty Cloyd & Nathan Berner-Tobin        8-3


Exeter dropped its first match of the season 8-1 to undefeated Londonderry.  Andrew Bridges and Brodt Taylor won at #2 doubles securing the only point for Exeter.  Corey Guen and Brodt Taylor both played tough in singles defeats.                                     


Match #11

Spaulding at Exeter         May 16th, 2011

Final Score:      Exeter 9 (10-1)                        Spaulding 0


#1 Jack Tisdall (E)                    defeats             S. Baldwin                                8-2

#2 Andrew Bridges (E)              defeats             B. Turmelle                               8-1

#3 Corey Guen (E)                   defeats             M. Parsons                               8-3

#4 Brodt Taylor (E)                  defeats             B. Bogan                                  8-0

#5 Nathan Berner-Tobin (E)     defeats             Z. Ellis                                      8-4

#6 Ryan McGovern (E)            defeats             J. Britton                                  8-1      


#1 Tisdall &Guen (E)                defeats             Baldwin & Ellis                       8-2

#2 Bridges&Taylor (E)             defeats             Bogan & Nevejans                   8-0

#3 Nate Berner-Tobin &Ty Cloyd (E) defeats Brown & Turbitt                        8-5


Exeter improved to 10-1, defeating Spaulding 9-0.  Brodt Taylor was the most impressive player on the court today, winning both his singles match and doubles by a combined score of 16-0.  Brodt utilized his serve and net game to take control of his singles match.  Andrew Bridges won easily at #2 singles, 8-1.  Corey Guen trailed 0-3 in his match against a feisty opponent.  But Corey was able to fight through a tough stretch and win 8-3.  Nathan Berner-Tobin returned to the singles line-up and won 8-5.  Ryan McGovern played steady tennis at #6 singles to win 8-1.  Exeter was able to bounce back nicely after their first loss of the season on Friday.  Exeter will host Nashua South on Tuesday.


Match #12

Exeter at Derryfield School         May 18th, 2011

Final Score:      Exeter 5 (11-1)                        Derryfield 4 (10-3)


#1 H. Morgan                          defeats             J. Tisdall (E)                             8-1

#2 A. Vadalia                           defeats             A. Bridges (E)                          8-2

#3 Corey Guen (E)                   defeats             G. Coler                                   9-7

#4 S. David                              defeats             B. Taylor (E)                            8-6

#5 Nathan Berner-Tobin (E)     defeats             J. Berk                                     8-5

#6 Ryan McGovern (E)            defeats             P. Korgramksi                          8-0      


#1 Morgan & Vadalia               defeats             Tisdall & Guen (E)                    8-6

#2 Bridges&Taylor (E)             defeats             Coler & David                          8-3

#3 Nate Berner-Tobin &Ty Cloyd (E) defeats  Berk & Stevens                        8-5


Exeter improved to 11-1, defeating Derryfield 5-4 in a comeback victory in a match played at Great Bay indoor courts.  With only three courts, both teams were tested.  Derryfield won the #1 and #2 singles, and was leading 5-0 in 3rd singles.  Corey Guen fought back, switching to a more consistent and grind-out style, which frustrated his opponent.  Corey showed tremendous heart and fight to win his match 9-7, which changed the momentum giving Exeter a chance.  #5 singles, Nate Berner-Tobin, continued his strong play by winning 8-5 against a solid opponent.  Ryan McGovern, at #6 singles, did his normal thing winning 8-0.  Ryan’s ease of victory can not overlook the importance of his point.  With Exeter up 3-2, things looked good.  Derryfield was able to fight back and win at #1 doubles and #4 singles, taking the lead 4-3.  The match would be decided by Exeter’s #2 and #3 doubles.  Andrew and Brodt played well winning 8-3.  Brodt’s serve was particularly strong in doubles.  The win knotted the score at 4-4.  The match would come down to #3 doubles, just as it did against BG.  And again, Ty and Nate provided the magic touch.  Leading 4-3, Ty and Nate were able to win 2 games in a row, gaining the key separation they needed.  They ended up finishing off the match 8-5.  It was a hard fought win for the Exeter Boys’ team.  Trailing twice during the match, Exeter showed tremendous resilience and fight to pull out the victory.


Match #13

Exeter at Pinkerton Academy      May 20th, 2011

Final Score:      Exeter 9 (12-1)                        Pinkerton Academy 0


#1 Jack Tisdall (E)                    defeats             P. Maryea                                8-1

#2 Andrew Bridges (E)              defeats             P. Doolittle                               8-0

#3 Corey Guen (E)                   defeats             C. DeMeo                                8-1

#4 Brodt Taylor (E)                  defeats             P. Kane                                    8-4

#5 Nathan Berner-Tobin (E)     defeats             R. Allard                                  8-0

#6 Ryan McGovern (E)            defeats             Z. Weider                                 8-1      


#1 Berner-Tobin & Cloyd (E)   defeats             Gray & Sapareto                      8-1

#2 MacDonald & Mooney (E)   defeats            Sessler & Roman                      8-3

#3 Cantarella & McNaughton (E) defeats         Macro & Sheen                        8-3


Exeter improved to 12-1 with a 9-0 win against Pinkerton Academy.  Exeter got off to a quick start in 5 of the 6 singles matches, highlighting a focus of the week, getting the lead.  In doubles, Ty Cloyd and Nathan Berner-Tobin continued their strong play winning at #1 doubles, 8-1.  Ben MacDonald and Will Mooney won 8-3, showing great chemistry with each other, as they have not lost a doubles match this year.  At #3 doubles, Chip McNaughton and Lino Cantarella took care of business winning 8-3.  The win marked Chip’s first varsity victory of his career.  Exeter will host Nashua South on Saturday.


Match #14

Nashua South at Exeter              May 21st, 2011

Final Score:      Exeter 8 (13-1)                        Nashua South 1


#1 Jack Tisdall (E)                    defeats             M. Terrin                                  8-0

#2 Andrew Bridges (E)              defeats             B. Stewart                                8-4

#3 Brodt Taylor (E)                  defeats             E. Karbassi                              8-1

#4 Nathan Berner-Tobin (E)     defeats             M. Evers                                  8-1

#5 Ryan McGovern (E)            defeats             M. Hersch                                8-0

#6 Will Mooney (E)                  defeats             T. DeCotis                               8-1      


#1 Tisdall & Guen (E)               defeats             Terrin & Evers                       8-1

#2 Stewart & Karvassi             defeats             Bridges & Taylor                      8-6

#3 Berner-Tobin & Cloyd (E)     defeats            Hersch & DeCotis                    8-3


Exeter ended the regular season with an 8-1 win against Nashua South.  The win moved Exeter to 13-1 and #2 seed in the upcoming Division I team tournament.  On their last regular season home match, Exeter’s six seniors, Jack, Andrew, Brodt, Nathan, Ryan, and Will all won their matches.  In doubles, Jack and Corey improved to 8-2 on the year at #1 doubles with an 8-1 win.  Ty and Nate scored their 9th victory in doubles with an 8-3 win.  Exeter will now host a quarterfinal match on Tuesday.


Match #15

#7 Alvirne at #2 Exeter   May 24th, 2011

Final Score:      Exeter 6 (14-1)                        Alvirne (8-6) 1


#1 Jack Tisdall (E)                    defeats             W. Livingston                           8-2

#2 Andrew Bridges (E)              defeats             S. O’Brien                                8-4

#3 Corey Guen (E)                   defeats             M. O’Brien                              8-2

#4 T. Terrio                              defeats             Brodt Taylor (E)                       8-5

#5 Nathan Berner-Tobin (E)     defeats             PJ Martineau                            8-4

#6 Ryan McGovern (E)            defeats             K. Venathumpoli                      8-1      


#1 Tisdall &Guen (E)                defeats             Livingston& M. O’Brien           8-2

#2 Bridges&Taylor (E)             defeats             S. O’Brien & CJ Destrays        DNF

#3 Berner-Tobin &Ty Cloyd (E) defeats           PJ Martineau & T. Terrio          DNF


Exeter defeated Alvirne for the second time this season, 6-1, in a quarterfinal match in the Division I tournament.  Due to lighting, Exeter did not finish 2nd and 3rd doubles, although they were leading both by a comfortable margin.  Jack Tisdall put Exeter on the board first win a quick 8-2 win.  Ryan McGovern won at #6 singles, 8-1, to put Exeter up 2-0.  After victories from Corey Guen and Andrew Bridges at #2 and #3 singles, Exeter was one point away from clinching the match.  The fifth point came from Nathan Berner-Tobin as he won 8-4 at #5 singles.  The match provided a good opportunity to adjust to playoff tennis for Exeter, as there are more outside distractions than in the regular season. 


Match #16

#6 Central at #2 Exeter May 26th, 2011

Final Score:      Exeter 7 (15-1)                        Central 2 (10-6)


#1 Jared Sandler (C)                defeats             Jack Tisdall (E)                         9-7

#2 Andrew Bridges (E)             defeats             Steve Shannon                          8-6

#3 Corey Guen (E)                   defeats             Colin Goudas (C)                     8-2

#4 Brodt Taylor (E)                  defeats             Pat Tobin (C)                           9-7

#5 Nathan Berner-Tobin (E)     defeats             Kyle Dugan                              9-8 (4)

#6 Ryan McGovern (E)            defeats             I. Torres                                   8-1      


#1 Sandler &Shannon            defeats             Bridges & Taylor                      8-3

#2 Ty Cloyd & Berner-Tobin   defeats                Goudas & Torres                     8-5

#3 McGovern & Guen            defeats            Tobin & Dugan             8-2


Exeter advanced to its third consecutive final defeating #6 seed Central, 7-2.  Exeter played well in all six singles position, winning 5 out of 6, clinching the match heading into doubles.  The key wins of the day belonged to Andrew Bridges and Brodt Taylor.  Andrew trailed 4-1 but found his game and fight and won 4 straight games to take a 5-4 lead.  He was then able to close out his opponent 8-6.  The win clinched the critical 3rd point for Exeter.  Then Brodt Taylor won the final two games in his match, winning 9-7.  Brodt showed poise and confidence to win the close match.  It was Brodt’s best victory of the year.  Nate closed out the match with a tiebreak win at #5 singles.  Exeter will now face #5 seed, Bishop Guertin for the Division I title.


Match #17   Finals

#5 Bishop Guertin vs. #2 Exeter              May 31st, 2011

Final Score:      Exeter 2 (15-2)                        Bishop G. 7 (14-3)


#1 J. Tisdall (E)                        defeats             F. Delpizzo                               9-7

#2 A. Xiao                               defeats             Andrew Bridges (E)                  8-2

#3 C. Prothro                          defeats             Corey Guen (E)                        8-2

#4 A. Delpizzo                          defeats             Brodt Taylor (E)                       8-3

#5 A. Wang                             defeats             Nathan Berner-Tobin (E)          8-4

#6 C. Dicesare                         defeats             Ryan McGovern (E)                 8-2      


#1 Tisdall & Guen (E)               defeats             Delpizzo & Prothro                   8-3

#2 Xiao & Delpizzo                  defeats             Bridges&Taylor (E)                  8-6

#3 Dicesare & Wang                defeats             Berner-Tobin & Cloyd (E)        8-5


Exeter fell short in claiming its 2nd Division I title in three years, losing to a talented, Bishop Guertin team, 7-2.  Exeter was not able to extend the match into doubles, losing the first five singles matches.  At #1, Jack Tisdall had his best match of the year, defeating Delpizzo 9-7.  Jack fought back from down 3-5, winning three consecutive games to take a 6-5 lead.  Jack was able to finish off 9-7.  Jack then teamed with Corey Guen, winning at #1 doubles 8-3.  Exeter finished its season at 15-2, reaching its third consecutive finals.  Exeter will lose six seniors, five from the singles line-up, who were instrumental to the season and program’s success for the past three years.