Match Results

Match #15: Quarterfinals  May 27, 2014

                    Exeter  4                           Concord  5

#1 Singles: C. Lietz                             J. Toler             L          8-5

#2 Singles: C. Maher                           T. Bengtson                 W        8-1

#3 Singles: T. Cloyd                           J. Pifer                         L          9-7

#4 Singles: T. Guen                             E. Hewey                    W        8-6

#5 Singles: M. Cochran                       A. Bryant                    W        8-4

#6 Singles: E. Schleicher                     L. Healy                      L          9-8 (5)


#1 Doubles: Maher/Cloyd                   Toler/Bengtson            L          8-5

#2 Doubles: Lietz/Cochran                 Pifer/M. Lambert        W        8-3

#3 Doubles: Guen/Schleicher              Hewey/Healy              L          8-4

Match Recap:

            Exeter fall in the quarterfinals to Concord in a nail biting 5-4 loss.  After a 3-3 split in singles, Concord was able to win two out of three doubles to advance to the semifinals.  The loss will be the first time since 2008 where Exeter will not be in the Division State Finals ending a five year run.  The match was well played by both sides and Concord deserved the win. 

            In singles, Cam Maher dominated at #2 singles winning 8-1.  Cam finished the year 14-1, mainly at #2 singles, and had the best freshmen year for any Exeter male tennis player in recent memory.  Cam had the chance to go down as one of the all-time greats in Exeter tennis.  Tucker Guen won his match at #4 singles after trailing 3-0 early.  Tucker mentally wore down his opponent to get the win.  Marc Cochran played another great singles match winning 8-4.  Marc finished year very comfortable at #5 singles using a strong forehand and serve to win points. 

            In doubles, Chris Lietz and Marc Cochran secured Exeter’s 4th point with an 8-3 win.  Cochran was excellent at net and Lietz controlled the match with his serve and forehand. 

            With 4 new players in the line-up this season, Exeter showed tremendous progress winning 12 matches.  The team accomplished many good things throughout the year.  Chris Lietz and Ty Cloyd will both greatly be missed next season as they were standouts for four seasons, each leaving their mark on the program.  

Match #14  May 23, 2014

                    Exeter  2                           Bedford  7

#1 Singles: C. Lietz                             D. Soucy                     L          8-1

#2 Singles: C. Maher                           I. Horne                       W        8-2

#3 Singles: T. Cloyd                           A. Allen                        L          8-5

#4 Singles: T. Guen                             Z. Anderson                L          8-2

#5 Singles: M. Cochran                       Z. Gould                     L          9-7

#6 Singles: E. Schleicher                     G. Machupalli             L          8-5


#1 Doubles: Maher/Cloyd                   Soucy/Allen                W        8-6

#2 Doubles: Lietz/Cochran                 Horne/Gould               L          8-5

#3 Doubles: Guen/Schleicher              Anderson/T. Weeks    L          8-2

Match Recap:

            Exeter finished the regular season with a loss to Bedford 7-2.  Exeter will finish the season at 12-2 and will likely be the #3 seed in the tournament with a home quarterfinal match on Tuesday.  Cam Maher continued his great play, winning 8-6 at #2 singles.  Down 6-3 with some light rain coming down, Cam showed excellent mental toughness and willingness to stick to an aggressive, net playing game plan to win the last 5 games of the match.  Cam’s excellent physical condition also proved key down the stretch.  Marc Cochran also had a great match, fighting back from a 2-5 deficit to almost win.  Marc used an excellent topspin forehand and a strong attacking game when a short ball was available. 

            In doubles, Maher and Cloyd had an excellent win at #1 doubles.  Cam and Ty won the first game of the match and never trailed.  Using a strong net game, Cam and Ty had their best win of the season.

            Exeter will host a quarterfinal match on Tuesday at 4pm.     

Match #13  May 19, 2014                   
Exeter  4
                          Londonderry  5

#1 Singles: C. Lietz                             R. Broderick                 L          8-4

#2 Singles: C. Maher                           T. Court                       L          8-2

#3 Singles: T. Cloyd                           M. McKinney                  L          8-3

#4 Singles: T. Guen                             D. Pleva                      W        8-3

#5 Singles: M. Cochran                       C. Letalien                    W        8-1

#6 Singles: E. Schleicher                     N. Peabody                  W        8-2

#1 Doubles: Maher/Cloyd                   Court/McKinney             L          8-3

#2 Doubles: Lietz/Cochran                 Broderick/Letalien           L          8-5

#3 Doubles: Guen/Schleicher              Pleva/Peabody              W        8-2

Match Recap:

            Exeter loss a close match to Londonderry 5-4, dropping the Blue Hawks to 12-1.  With the match tied 3-3 heading into doubles, Londonderry was able to pull out two of the three doubles for the win.  Londonderry's top 3 were impressive as they may make up the best 1, 2, 3 punch in the state.  Exeter was able to win 4, 5, and 6 fairly easy to notch the match 3-3.

            In doubles, Exeter's #2 doubles fell behind 0-3 and 1-6 before winning four straight games.  But it was too little too late.  Londonderry's star power defeated Exeter's depth today.  Exeter will need to bounce back quickly as undefeated and Division I favorite, Bedford comes to town on Thursday.  The match is an important match for playoff seeding. 

Match #12  May 16, 2014

                    Exeter  5                           Winnacunnet 4

#1 Singles: C. Lietz                             R. Kenney                     L          8-3

#2 Singles: C. Maher                           D. Taylor                     W        8-6

#3 Singles: T. Cloyd                           G. Burgon                     W        9-7

#4 Singles: T. Guen                             E. Dunn                       L          8-3

#5 Singles: M. Cochran                       B. Schwechheimer        L          8-2

#6 Singles: E. Schleicher                     N. Minihello                 W        8-6


#1 Doubles: Maher/Cloyd                   Kenney/Taylor                        L          8-2

#2 Doubles: Lietz/Cochran                 Dunn/Schwechheimer             W        8-4

#3 Doubles: Guen/Schleicher              Burgon/Minihello                    W        9-8(3)

Match Recap:          

Exeter won their 2nd thrilling match this week with a 5-4 win over previous unbeaten Winnacunnet.  Exeter improved to 12-0 and the win could prove critical in playoff seeding down the road.  The match would again come down to a tiebreaker at #3 doubles with the match knotted up at 4-4.  The match was well played by both teams.


In singles, Cam Maher continued his undefeated season winning 8-6 against fellow freshmen star Dylan Taylor.   Having played each other multiple times before, Cam had a history of losing closes matches to Dylan.  But today was different.  Cam was able to grab the early lead in a back and forth affair.  Cam’s aggressive and his excellent hands at net were the difference in the win.  Overcoming the mental block of playing Taylor demonstrates Cam’s mental fight.  Eric Schleicher came back to win at #6 after trailing 5-6.  Eric’s steady play and calm demeanor were critical, along with playing it safer on first serves to get a higher percentage in.  With Exeter trailing 3-2 in singles, Ty Cloyd again came to save the day giving Exeter a big third point.  Despite being physically drained from a long week of matches, Ty was able to dig deep one more time to win 9-7.  Ty’s use of a forehand slice and continual willingness to attack the net in high pressure points was the deciding factor in his win.


With the score 3-3 in doubles, Winnacunnet was able to gain the 4th point first with  8-2 win at #1 doubles.  Shortly after, Exeter’s #2 doubles of Lietz and Cochran won 8-4.  Lietz dominated the match with his big forehand and vastly improved poaching skills at net.  Cochran served well including getting the down the serve on the deuce side.  The win set the stage for #3 doubles with the score tied at 4-4.  Guen and Schleicher trailed 5-7, love -30.  But showing great composure and the willingness to continue to attack the net in pressure points, Guen and Schleicher came roaring back to force a tiebreaker.  Guen and Schleicher’s patience on overheads without over hitting on some tough lobs was essential to the outcome of the match.  With a 6-3 lead in the tiebreaker, Guen and Schleicher were poised and ready.  An excellent Schleicher return of serve resulted in the error giving Exeter the 5-4 win.


The win demonstrates Exeter’s mental toughness and the ability to find a way to win even when you are not playing your absolute best which is a great quality to have.  Exeter will host Londonderry and Bedford next week to close out the regular season.

Match #11: May 14th 2014
                          EXETER     7                       SALEM    2          RESULT
#1 Singles        C. Lietz                               M. Antar                 W 8-0
#2 Singles        C. Maher                             M. Descoteaux       W 8-2
#3 Singles        T. Cloyd                               A. Wilson                 L 9-7
#4 Singles        T. Guen                                R. Fredette              W 8-3
#5 Singles        M. Cochran                         J. Poore                   W 8-2
#6 Singles        E. Schleicher                       B. Rastello                W 8-1

#1 Doubles      Cloyd/Maher                         Antar/Descoteaux        W 8-6
#2 Doubles      Lietz/MacDonald                   Wilson/Poore               W 8-2
#3 Doubles      J. Medley/J. McGowan          Fredette/Rastello         L 8-1
Match recap:
            Exeter avoided the trap game today winning 7-2 at Salem.  Exeter improved to 11-0 with the win and will host undefeated rival tomorrow Winnacunnet.  Chris Lietz played an excellent match today against a promising freshmen for Salem.  Lietz used his serve and forehand to dominate the match from the start.  Lietz won 8-0.  Cam Maher continued his great play remaining undefeated in singles.  Guen, Cochran, and Schleicher all took care of business at the lower end.  All three will be important matches tomorrow.  In doubles, Ben MacDonald stepped in at #2 doubles   nicely using a big serve and good hands at net.
           Tomorrow, Exeter will look to do something very difficult to do, win three matches in three days with a physical match on Tuesday and a road trip today.

Match #10 May 13, 2014

Exeter  5                                                Concord 4

#1 Singles: C. Lietz                             J. Toler            L          8-2

#2 Singles: C. Maher                           T. Bengtson     W        8-5

#3 Singles: T. Cloyd                           J. Pifer             W        9-8(5)

#4 Singles: T. Guen                             E.  Hewy         L          8-3

#5 Singles: M. Cochran                       A. Bryant         W        8-4

#6 Singles: E. Schleicher                     L. Healy           L          8-6

#1 Doubles: Maher/Cloyd                   Toler/Bengtson            W        8-6

#2 Doubles: Lietz/Cochran                 Pifer/M. Lambert          L          9-7

#3 Doubles: Guen/Schleicher              Hewey/Healy              W        9-8(5)

Match Recap:

            Exeter improved to 10-0 with a heart stopping 5-4 victory over rival Concord.  The match had everything: well played points, multiple momentum swings,
and two tiebreakers.  The match was Exeter's first real test of the season.  Exeter responded with some great individual efforts.

            Down 2-0 in singles, Cam Maher continued his undefeated season in singles with an 8-5 victory at #2 singles.  Cam showed great poise and won the big points of the match.  Cam was able to visible frustrate his opponent.  This was Cam's best win in his promising young career.  At #5 singles, Marc Cochran played his best match of the season with excellent topspin from the forehand side and the willingness to play long points.  After 4 or 5 match points, Marc was able to win 8-4.  Marc showed a lot of maturity in the win, as this was the biggest match of his career as well. 

           With Exeter down 3-2, the lone singles left was at #3 with Ty Cloyd.  Cloyd has had some great moments against Concord in the past, and today was no different.  After giving up a 7-4 lead, Cloyd was able to stop the bleeding to go ahead 8-7.  After a good game by his opponent, Cloyd
would enter the very important tiebreaker.  The match swung in the balance as going down 4-2 in doubles is very difficult to come back from.  Cloyd trailed 3-5 in the tiebreaker before winning the last 4 points showing why he has won so many big matches in his career. Ty's positive attitude and forehand
pulled out the victory.  Cloyd lost to same player in the regular season last season by a solid margin.  The match would head to doubles tied 3-3.

           All three doubles matches had high quality points and many momentum swings.  At one point, Exeter held match points at #2 and #3 doubles at the same time to put the match away but could not convert.  The key match of the day was at #1 doubles.  Cloyd and Maher trailed 1-4 and 3-6 yet continued to fight and concern themselves with only their court.  Their laser focus and commitment to themselves and each other proved the difference in the match.  Maher and Cloyd were able to five straight games against a very good #1 Concord doubles team to win 8-6 and improve to 9-1 on the season.  Despite being overmatched in power, Cam and Ty made up with it smarts, heart, and teamwork.  The win set the stage for a 4-4 match with only #3 doubles left.

            At #3 doubles, freshmen Tucker Guen and Eric Schleicher, held a game lead throughout but just couldn't get that last game.  Yet, Tucker and Eric remained together and were always positive with each other.  Tucker and Eric were able to pull out a 7-5 tiebreaker win clinching the match.  Guen
was excellent with poaching and overheads in the match and Schleicher did a nice job with quick hands at net.  The win was important for two young players to gain valuable experience in a tight match with all the pressure on them.  The moment was a great step forward for them and the team to know that can handle
the pressure and win.  With 4 new players in the lineup, the match will have great benefits down the road.  From a fan's perspective, the match was arguably
the most exciting match in the past four years at Exeter High School.    

Match #9: May 7th 2014
                          EXETER   8                    MEMORIAL   1          RESULT
#1 Singles        C. Lietz                               K. Marineau           W 8-0
#2 Singles        C. Maher                             A. Tran                   W 8-2
#3 Singles        T. Cloyd                               D. Dinh                   W 8-6
#4 Singles        T. Guen                                T. Tran                    L 8-2
#5 Singles        M. Cochran                         F. Khalid                  W 8-1
#6 Singles        E. Schleicher                      D. Morais                 W 8-0
#1 Doubles      Cloyd/Maher                Marineau/Tran                  W 8-0
#2 Doubles      Lietz/Cochran               Tran/Khalid                       W 8-2
#3 Doubles      Guen/Schleicher           Dinh/Morais                      W 8-4
Match recap:
         Exeter improved to 9-0 on the season with a 8-1 victory over Memorial.  Exeter finished the match in singles with wins at 1,2,3, 5, and 6.  Lietz, Cochran, and Schleicher all played very well to win easily.  Lietz served well and had some nice net points.  Cloyd won 8-6 without having his best game showing his mental toughness.
         In doubles, Exeter won all three positions.  All three teams did a nice job of setting up their partner for easy put aways.  The young Exeter team will now head into the teeth of their schedule as they will play 4 out of the top 6 teams in the league.
          On Friday, undefeated and rival Winnacunnet travels to Exeter in a battle of unbeatens and a key match in terms of playoff seeding.  The intensity of the match will be a new challenge for Exeter's four new players in their first big match of their careers.

Match 8:  May 5th, 2014
                          EXETER 8                 NASHUA SOUTH  1          RESULT
#1 Singles        C. Lietz                               K. Patel                     W 8-6
#2 Singles        C. Maher                          B. Stempler                 W 8-1
#3 Singles        T. Cloyd                               S. Salvi                    W 8-5
#4 Singles        M. Cochran                        S. McIntyre                  L 8-6
#5 Singles        T. Guen                                K. Shah                   W 8-0
#6 Singles        E. Schleicher                      B. Barrows                  W 8-3

#1 Doubles      Cloyd/Maher                Patel/Stempler                  W 8-1
#2 Doubles      Lietz/Cochran               Salvi/McIntyre                  W 8-4
#3 Doubles      Guen/Schleicher           Shah/Barrows                   W 8-2
Match recap:
         Exeter improved to 8-0 with a 8-1 victory at Nashua South.  Lietz and Cloyd both closed out with quality points in pressure situations.  Cloyd and Maher remain undefeated in singles play this season.  Tucker Guen played his best singles match of the year winning easily 8-0.  In doubles, Exeter controlled all three matches from the start.  Solid fundamentals in doubles allowed for the easy wins.
         The match was a special day for #1 singles player, Chris Lietz.  Lietz passed Corey Guen to move up to #2 in all time singles, doubles, and total wins.  Chris now has 35 singles wins, 32 doubles wins, and 67 total wins.  Chris only trails current teammate Ty Cloyd.  Since his sophomore, Chris has played no lower than #3 singles demonstrating the ability to beat the best players in the league.  Lietz's point by point intensity and competitiveness is second to none in New Hampshire tennis.  Chris brings this attitude not just to matches but everyday in practice.  His development as a player has been remarkable.   He has made giant steps with his backhand ground stoke, serve, and volleys since his freshmen year.  Chris is also an outstanding student proving his work ethic.  He will attend Bates College next year.

Match #7 April 28, 2014

Exeter  8
                                                    Spaulding 1

#1 Singles: C. Lietz                             C. Nevejans     W        8-0

#2 Singles: T. Cloyd                           J. Viscomte     W        8-1

#3 Singles: C. Maher                           K. Kondrup     W        8-0

#4 Singles: M. Cochran                       M. Lehman      W        8-1

#5 Singles: E. Schleicher                     J. Nickerson    W        8-1

#6 Singles: T. Guen                             T. Hebert         W        8-0

#1 Doubles: Maher/Cloyd                   Nevehans/Viscomte    W        8-1

#2 Doubles: Cochran/Guen                 Kondrup/Clark            W        8-3

#3 Doubles: MacDonald/Carrico        Lehman/Nickerson      L          8-4

Match Recap:

            Exeter improved to 7-0 with a convincing 8-1 victory over Spaulding.  Exeter dropped only three total games in singles.  Cam Maher played an excellent match demonstrating sharp mental focus and holding high expectations of his own play.  Chris Lietz handled a powerful serve from his opponent to hit some nice passing shots.  Consistent play from the baseline led to easy victories across the board.  Everyone came ready to play in singles to a level that has not happened this season.   Exeter will be off to next Monday. 

Match #6 April 25, 2014                   
        Exeter 8
                                                   Alvirne 1

#1 Singles: C. Lietz                             M. O'Brien      L          9-7

#2 Singles: T. Cloyd                           R. Stedile        W        8-5

#3 Singles: C. Maher                           J. Whalen        W         8-1

#4 Singles: E. Schleicher                     S. Bonney       W        8-2

#5 Singles: T. Guen                             H. Williams     W        8-2

#6 Singles: B. MacDonald                  J. Auger           W        8-1

#1 Doubles: Maher/Cloyd                     O'Brien/Stedile                       W        8-2

#2 Doubles: Lietz/Ben MacDonald         Whalen/Bonney                      W        8-1

#3 Doubles: Guen/Schleicher                B. Richardson/A. Wetmore   W         8-5

Match Recap:

            Exeter improved to 6-0 with a 8-1 victory over Alvirne.  Exeter was able to
finish the match off in the singles with 5 victories.  Eric Schleicher bounced back nicely in
singles with a 8-2 victory and Ben MacDonald used a big serve and constant
pressure to overwhelm his opponent at #6 singles.  Ty Cloyd passed Corey Guen in all time
singles win with a nice 8-5 win against a good player.  Ty was able to handle the slice and spin of
his opponent to win.  Tucker Guen used a nice drop shot and attacking forehand combination to win at #5. 

Cam Maher again played his solid match, winning easily 8-1.  Cam has been the best singles player for Exeter so far this season.

            In doubles, Exeter showed their strength again sweeping doubles.  #1 and #2 both made quick work using a strong net game to overwhelm Alvirne.  Exeter will travel to Spaulding on Monday in hopes to improve to 7-0.

Match 5   April 21st 2014
                       EXETER 7                Pinkerton Academy 2          RESULT
#1 Singles        C. Lietz                               J. Bisson                    W 8-5
#2 Singles        T. Cloyd                             A. Wetherbee              W 8-2
#3 Singles        C. Maher                                S. Hall                     W 8-0
#4 Singles        M. Cochran                          J. Moser                     L 8- 2
#5 Singles        E. Schleicher                        T. Busby                     L 8-6
#6 Singles        T. Guen                               W. McCarty               W 9-7

#1 Doubles      Cloyd/Maher                Bisson/C. Marston             W 8-1
#2 Doubles      Lietz/MacDonald          Hall/Moser                        W 8-6
#3 Doubles      Cochran/Guen              Wetherbee/Busby             W 9-7

Match Recap:

Tucker Guen won the critical match of the day at #6 singles to give Exeter the 4-2 lead heading into doubles.  Tucker trailed 2-5 and was struggling with the style of play.  But Tucker did not quit, change his style, and adapted well.  Tucker was able toshow great patience in play to comeback and win 9-7.  Ty Cloyd and Cam Maher then finished them off in doubles with an easy 8-1 victory at #1 doubles.  Cloyd and Maher are becoming a strong doubles team.

Match 4     April 18th 2014

                             EXETER   9                MERRIMACK     0          RESULT

#1 Singles        C. Lietz                            A. MacEachern              W 8-2

#2 Singles        C. Maher                         M. Keeler                        W 8-1

#3 Singles        T. Cloyd                           J. Meaney                      W 8-0

#4 Singles        M. Cochran                     J. Pitten                         W 8-1

#5 Singles        T. Guen                           A. Trimper                      W 8-0

#6 Singles        E. Schleicher                   J. Steines                      W 8-1

#1 Doubles      Lietz/MacDonald           MacEachern/Keeler         W 8-5

#2 Doubles      Cochran/Guen               Meaney/Pitten                 W 8-0

#3 Doubles      C. Austin/J. McGowan  Trimper/Steines              W 8-1

Match recap: 

Exeter improved to 4-0 on the season with an impressive 9-0 victory at Merrimack.  In singles, Exeter only dropped 5 games total.  Cloyd and Maher remained undefeated in the singles play.  The team did a nice hitting through the ball and playing loose.  In doubles, Charlie Austin and Jason McGowan earned their first varsity victory winning 8-1.  Jason has been with the program for three years and Charlie is a first year player.  Lietz and MacDonald fought back after a few sloppy games to win five out of the last six games at #1 doubles.  Exeter will travel to Pinkerton on Monday.

Match #3 April 14, 2014

                  Exeter  8                           Central 1

#1 Singles: C. Lietz                               H. Sevey          W        8-3

#2 Singles: C. Maher                            M. Larocque    W        8-4

#3 Singles: T. Cloyd                             A. Wu              W        8-0

#4 Singles: M. Cochran                        J. Davison          L          9-8 (7-1)

#5 Singles: T. Guen                               A. Gurung        W        8-3

#6 Singles: E. Schleicher                       M. Carlson       W        8-1


#1 Doubles: Maher/Cloyd                     Sevey/Larocque           W        9-8 (8-6)

#2 Doubles: Lietz/Ben MacDonald        Wu/Davison                   W        8-0

#3 Doubles: Cochran/Schleicher           Glenn/Nakos                W        8-0


Match Recap:

            Exeter improved to 3-0 with an 8-1 victory over Central today on a windy day at Exeter.  Exeter was able to close the match out in singles player.  Chris Lietz won his first match of the season with an 8-3 win.  Trailing 3-2, Chris won the last six games.  Ty Cloyd played a clean match winning in a short period of time.  Cam Maher played more aggressively at the end to win the last three games.  Tucker Guen won his first varsity singles match at #5 singles. 

In doubles, at #2 and #3 doubles, Exeter teams did not drop a game.  Both doubles team served well in the wind and won easily.  The match of the day was at #1 doubles.  Ty Cloyd and Cam Maher trailed 6-7 and 7-8, yet were able to force a tiebreaker which they won 8-6.  Cam and Ty even fought off a match point.  Ty showed great poise in the high pressure match and Cam welcomed the intensity showing some fight which was a welcome surprise to every one on the team.  The match was a positive step in the right direction.

Match #2 April 11, 2014

                       Exeter 7                           BG 2

#1 Singles:  Chris Lietz                          B. Xiao            L 8-6

#2 Singles: Cam Maher                          J. Luteza         W 8-0

#3 Singles: Ty Cloyd                             R. Yemme        W 8-2

#4 Singles: Eric Schleicher                    R. Montbleau   L 8-2

#5 Singles: Ben MacDonald                  P. Scannell       W 8-2

#6 Singles: Blake Carrico                      J. Krapiar         W 8-6


#1 Doubles: Cloyd/Maher                     Xiao/Yemme    W 8-0

#2 Doubles: Lietz/MacDonald           Luteza/Montbleau W 8-6

#3 Doubles: Carrico/Schleicher         Krapiar/Charbonneau  W 8-0

Match Summary: Blake Carrico won his first varsity singles and doubles points to lead the team to a 7-2 victory.  Blake scored the 4th singles point for Exeter and then teaming with Eric Schleicher made quick work at the #3 doubles to clinch the match for Exeter.  Cam Maher was also a standout as he did not lose a single game in either singles or doubles.  Cloyd and Maher played very well in doubles to win 8-0.  The best match of the day was at #2 doubles.  Lietz and MacDonald trailed 5-6, but used timely big serves and some good volley angles to win the last three games.  Exeter improved to 2-0 and will host Central on Monday. 

Match #1 at Nashua North  April 7th 2014

                      Exeter      6                              Nashua North    3

#1 Singles: C. Lietz                                         J. Arikian      L  8-3

#2 Singles: C. Maher                                      S. Kluger       W 8-2

#3 Singles: T. Cloyd                                        E. Kim           W 8-0

#4 Singles: M. Cochran                                  D. Grossman  W 8-0

#5 Singles: T. Guen                                         C. King           L 9-8(4)

#6 Singles: E. Schleicher                                Z. Fashi          W 8-2 

#1 Doubles: Cloyd and Maher                       1 & 2                L 9-8(4)

#2 Doubles: Lietz and B. MacDonald            3 & 4                W 8-3

#3 Doubles: Cochran and Guen                    5 & 6                W 8-3

Match Recap:

Exeter won its home opener against a solid Nashua North team 6-3.  Exeter was able to win four singles matches to take a commanding lead heading into doubles.  Exeter started three freshmen in its single line-up to go along with one junior and two seniors.  Ty Cloyd was the most impressive today in singles winning 8-0.  Cam Maher and Eric Schleicher both notched their first varsity win in singles.  Marc Cochran led the team in aces today with a dominant flat serve, winning at #4 singles.  After a tough singles loss at #5, Tucker Guen responded well in his doubles match.  Tucker found his groundstrokes and made the needed adjustments on his return of serve to win at #3 doubles with Marc Cochran.  Ben MacDonald and Chris Lietz found their 2012 doubles magic, where they played #3 doubles with each other, to win 8-3.  The win was a good first step forward for the young Blue Hawks with plenty of lessons to be taken from the win.  Exeter will host BG on Friday afternoon in its home opener.